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Westworld is an American science fiction - Western - television series based on the novel and the film of the same Westworld of Michael Crichton from 1973. The series will be produced by Athena Wickham, Bryan Burk and Jerry Weintraub. Since the first broadcast on October 2, 2016, the program will be broadcast on the cable channel HBO in the United States. In November 2016, HBO ordered a ten-part second season, which will be aired in 2018. The reason for the longer break is the elaborate production of the series. The series is about a futuristic amusement park where guests can use human-like robots (hosts) to play stories of the Wild West, such as bank robberies, gold prospecting, or having fun with the prostitutes in the saloon. The firearms in the park area are modified so that the hosts can be seriously injured and killed, while the guests carry no serious injuries. Injured and dead hosts are repaired by engineers during the night and the memories are reset. The first reviews and ratings were very positive, obtaining an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while on IMDB it obtained a 9.0 / 10 with 85,000 votes. Hank Stuever of The Huffington Post wrote: "At first glance, it is impeccable science fiction in its purest state: it invites reflection on the subject of human nature and technology, and at the same time it is also strange and somber, but without interesting question." Catherine Gee of Telegraph said that "Like the robots that appear on the screen, their pieces are meticulously linked, their ability to unleash hell is beneath the surface, and it's beautiful to look at." Lucy Mangan of The Guardian wrote "For those of us who like the plots - piles and piles of plots - 'Westworld' hits the spot as much as 'GoT' does, God, so many things happen." He admitted that Westworld is "A fascinating look at a very near future (...) What makes 'Westworld' especially disturbing is its degree of plausibility." Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter said that "'Westworld' manages to convince us that the broad world it is building and the moral and ethical dilemmas it explores deserve extra attention." Tim Molloy of The Wrap wrote "'Westworld' offers many things to keep in mind, and immerses you in such a way in its manufactured reality that you never get away from its complicated questions (...) After seeing the first four episodes, I have want more."

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fakez06sean's Media: Got tagged by @camaromike15 for #ifyourcarwasavillain . Only one fits the bill, #themaninblack fro

Got tagged by @camaromike15 for #ifyourcarwasavillain . Only one fits the bill, #themaninblackfrom #westworld . Passing on to my 2nd favorite black vette @dreamstingray #corvette #chevyporn #corvettestingray #stingray #v8 #corvettesofinstagram #sportscar #musclecar #dreamcar #c7 #c7corvette #z51 #c7z51

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feuerengel82's Media: #NewIn #BluRay
Habe mir bei #Amazon die erste #Staffel von #Westworld gegönnt in #4K #Steelbook #Sa

#NewIn #BluRay Habe mir bei #Amazon die erste #Staffel von #Westworld gegönnt in #4K #Steelbook #Sammleredition leider muss ich sie ersetzen lassen da die Halterung für die mittleren Discs gebrochen ist 😢. In der #boxist noch ein #bookletsowie ein Code für #DigitalHD hoffe die Neulieferung ist dann heil. Bei dieser Bestellung habe ich auch endlich den #Film #adeleunddasgeheimnisdespharaobestellt. Hatte ihn mal in der #Videothek ausgeliehen und fand ihn so toll! Letzte Woche habe ich bereits #babydriverbei @saturn abgeholt, hatte mich im #kinoschon gefesselt 😁 #heimkino #Serienjunkie #movieaddict

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